Recent projects


From 2009 to 2015 THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION established a BITZER endowed chair for refrigeration, cryogenics and compressor technology (formerly chair of refrigeration and compressor technology) at the Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering at Technische Universität Dresden (TU Dresden). Since 2015, TU Dresden has been reimbursing the chair from its own resources and ensuring the long-term preservation of teaching and research activities.
Additionally, from 2015 to 2021 TSF had been supporting a habilitation post-doctoral position at the BITZER Endowed Chair for Refrigeration, Cryogenics and Compressor Technology at TU Dresden.


In cooperation with the Bürgerstiftung Sindelfingen (Community Foundation Sindelfingen), THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION supported a book project which was initiated by kids@kita Gesamtförderverein der Sindelfinger Kitas (association to promote all daycare centres in Sindelfingen). In the course of two years, students – together with the writer Anja Wickertsheim – compiled the book trilogy "Die verborgenen Schätze von Sindelfingen" (The Hidden Treasures of Sindelfingen). The seven to nine-year-olds developed the plots of three stories and illustrated them. The city of Sindelfingen is woven into the adventures through historic buildings and events as well as well-known personalities. In autumn of 2018, SCHAUWERK Sindelfingen has been featuring the kids’ original works for two months.


THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION supported the research project E-Campus of Stuttgart University’s Institute of Energy Economics and Rational Energy
Use (IER). A master plan for the university’s Pfaffenwald campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen was developed which was to combine the guarantee of climate change mitigation and energy efficiency on the campus and optimal conditions for the scientists’ work and research. The project was implemented in collaboration with the University Building Department of the Ministry of Finance of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg.


St. Martin’s church, a Romanesque church in Sindelfingen, possesses a relief from 1477. It commemorates the relocation of the famous canon monastery to Tübingen, which established the basis for the foundation of the university there. In 1862, the exterior relief was removed and brought into the church to protect it from wind and weather. The support of THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION and others made the creation of a copy of the medieval artwork possible in 2019. Hence, the relief was digitised using a 3D scan. Subsequently, a 3D printer produced the mould for the final bronze casting. Testifying to the city’s history significant event, St. Martin’s Church now showcases this relief in its exterior grounds.