THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION supports other projects and partners, for instance in the field of entrepreneurship and sustainability.

Green Office – Sustainability at the University of Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart with its Vaihingen campus aims to become climate-neutral by 2035. THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION supports this project. A visible venue for sustainability is to be created on the Vaihingen campus. Here, the university relies on the Green Office Model, a proven concept to entrench sustainability in the structures of universities. The Stuttgart Green Office brings together the university’s activities in the field of sustainability and presents them to students, other university member as well as interested external parties. New projects are initiated here as well. A sustainability manager, co-financed by TSF, coordinates the projects. The Green Office’s activities can raise awareness of climate protection and reduce the campus’s environmental footprint. Beginning in spring 2022, a carbon fibre pavilion inspired by bionics will serve as the Green Office’s meeting space on campus. TSF also supports the design of the pavilion.


The Stay foundation supported by TSF accompanies social entrepreneurs in Africa, connects their resources and supports their exchange within the “Stay Alliance” network. The local entrepreneurs involved generate their own funds to become financially independent and permanently self-sustaining. In a region with one of the weakest economies in the world – and a rapidly growing population – promoting local entrepreneurship is a key element in combating the causes of migration and facilitating the development of local resources. The aim of this development aid is to ultimately make this form of assistance superfluous.


The Valerius-Füner-Foundation supports the education and training of engineers in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences and rewards the best graduates in the field of refrigeration technology every year. Since 2001 the work of the Valerius-Füner-Foundation has been supported with an annual financial contribution, first from BITZER and, starting in 2010, from THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION.


Since 2012 THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION has supported the association in its aim of documenting the history of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology and making it accessible to the public.


THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION supports projects in the fields of science and research, education and art