German artist Lena von Goedeke has been nominated for the Schaufler Residency@TU Dresden 2024

Berlin-based installation and conceptual artist Lena von Goedeke was nominated this January for the first residency in 2024 from 71 applications from all over the world.

From May to October 2024, Lena von Goedeke will work artistically at the TUD on the guiding theme of the second funding phase ‘Data↔Worlds. Socio-technical and cultural syntheses of new realities’. Von Goedeke was born in Duisburg in 1983 and now lives and works in Berlin and Spitsbergen. Her installations and objects have been exhibited at the Museum Marta Herford, the Museum August Macke Haus in Bonn, the Kunsthalle Münster and in numerous gallery exhibitions. Von Goedeke has already been honoured with various awards, including the Kallmann Prize from the Kallmann Museum Ismaning and the DEW21 Art Prize Dortmund, as well as the annual scholarship from the Stiftung Kunstfonds.